Introduction to gender roles and television

Television has played and still plays a key role in representing and shaping gender roles. The medium has evolved hand in hand with social and cultural transformations, catching up with new debates and realities. The aim of this session is to present an approach to the study of the representation of identities in television, paying special attention to contemporary trends and TV watching habits.

Contemporary art and photography workshop

In this workshop, the photographic concept will be treated from an analytical and contemporary perspective. The importance of the idea, the process, and the execution will be shown. The camera will behave this time like a canvas, with its lines, colors, and shapes... and not so much as a tool responsible for generating graphic documents. We want to show the link between classrooms, knowledge, and new artistic currents.


Management and Technology

Nowadays, it is hard to be successful in business without considering the digital context. On one hand, this context opens business opportunities that involve designing new business models. On the other hand, the management of traditional businesses must rely on new tools to support their decision-making. In this session, the students will have the opportunity to know the fundamentals of a business model based on the Web and to recognize the new elements which characterize them. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to understand the important value of the technology in helping the business decision-making processes.