Madrid and the UC3M provide unique vibrant cultural and quality academic
European settings to achieve these goals.

Our Vision and Goals 

Choosing a University Major

Where and what you will study in college will determine your career path. Learn how to identify what will suit you better and experience other fields that you had never considered.

Estudiantes universitarios

Future careers

Meet with instructors, professionals, and university students to learn real-life stories of success, discovery, and challenges overcome in their professional fields

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Learning about Innovative tools

Learn how to use an  innovative tool to make a positive contribution to society


Small-team presentations

Work on a small-group project and present your findings to your peers and instructors

Intercultural Competence

We will provide you with a better understanding of what it means to study and work with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

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University Life

Prepare for university life, as you interact with staff in departments and offices throughout the UC3M campuses.

Amigos de la universidad
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Our goals

This summer experience should help teenagers in their decision-making process when choosing a major and  college.

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    Our goals

Students who attend will be more familiar with the academics, university life, and professional expectations of college, and better equipped to navigate international living, learning, and working environments.