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Estudiantes durante el descanso

Welcome to Madrid, SPAIN

A summer program for YOU to preview the university experience at a leading European institution


Experience real-life success stories of discovery and achievement, in 7 promising professional fields.

​Immerse in a high-quality European university setting, as you participate in exciting experiential workshops exploring very diverse disciplines.

All instruction and activities in English

For students entering grades 9- 12 th  (15-18 ages)

Introduction to gender roles and television

An approach to the representation of identities in television, paying special attention to contemporary trends and TV watching habits.

Contemporary art and photography

The camera will be used as a contemporary canvas, showing the importance of the idea, the process, and the execution

Mujer en un sofá
Reunión de grupo

Management and technology

Know the fundamentals of a business model based on the web and recognize its characteristics. Understand the value of technology in the business decision-making processes.

Additive manufacturing

In design, manufacturing, and mechanical evaluation of 3D printed structures, learn to complete the whole process of polymeric pieces development including the design of complex structures using commercial Computer Aided Design

Clase de tecnologia
Edificio de impresoras 3D

Cyber Security

An introduction to the field of cybersecurity with its goals, main areas and challenges that you will put into practice with hands-on activities.


Learn basic robotics with a mobile robot equipped with servo motors, to solve a navigation problem by a simple route applying the concepts of distance, time, and speed.

Hombre joven con joysticks
Clase de quimica


Learn the various functions of biomedical engineering and working with images using medical software. Employ image-guided surgery and augmented reality applications and test them on human phantoms.

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